Friday, February 03, 2012

Wherein I Fluff

It's Friday Fluff time again! Go here to link up with Seeking Elevation and to see next week's quiz!

Have you ever flirted with your best friend's bf/gf?
Depends on your definition of boyfriend. We went on a group date, and he and I ended up hooking up. But she told me I could, so I don't feel guilty. But, otherwise, I guess. I'm southern, it's what we do.

Do you think that you're all that and your probably really not?
What does this even mean? Am I all what?

 Are you smart or are you dumb?

Book smart? Not really. But I do have common sense which a lot of people don't seem to have these days.

If you're a girl, do you scratch your boobs when nobody's looking?
If I only scratched when no one's looking, I'd never scratch them. Someone is ALWAYS watching.

Have you ever wanted to have sex with your own gender?
Yes. Hey, Emma Stone gimme a call ;)

Are you liking this survey so far?
It hasn't bought me a drink, so no.

Do you have alot of friends or are you nobody at school?
I'm not in school. But in my School of Awesome? I'm the head cheese

Are you annoying to most people?
Define 'most people'. The public at large? Probably not. I try to stay out of the way. My kids and husband might say something different.

Can you take the truth, no matter what it is?
I don't know. What weight class is he in?

Would you go suicidal if someone in your family died?
No. And this question is dumb.

Is there somebody in your life you hate at this point?
Why? Was truth talking about me again?

Are you dreading something right now?
Who is this something? Is he threatening me?

While taking this, did you start thinking about your true self?
Nope. She took a vacation last spring and I haven't seen her since.

Would you date somebody on Valentine's Day just to get something for Valentine's?
I'm married and I don't get shit for Valentine's Day. So yes. As long as it was sparkly. Or chocolate.

Have you ever broke somebody's heart and didn't care?
No, it was Nobody's heart. He's a wily bastard.

Did you go to Pre-K?
Dude. That was so long ago. I don't remember if I put pants on this morning. *looks down* Nope.

And, since I didn't know about the tradition of adding a picture on at the end last week, I'll start this week. Today is The Boy's 6th birthday, I'll leave you with this gem: