Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wherein you meet Barbie Jenn and Barbie Ann

My friend, Karen, requested a Barbie post. So here it is: The Barbies come out in full force!

Barbie Jenn 2.0 and Barbie Jenn 1.0 with the passport getting ready to go on a cruise!

Barbie Ann 2.0 and Barbie Jenn 2.0 in their togas for Bunco!

Barbie Jenn 2.0 arrived at my house with a supply of hot chocolate!

Barbie Ann 2.0 and Barbie Jenn 2.0  making out. They're such whores!  
There are many more pictures of Barbie shenanigans. I'm sure they'll come out to play some more when they get to know you. Or you buy them a drink.


  1. I cannot wait to buy them a drink or three!

  2. I miss me. :( But I'm glad there are still 2 me's here. Those two sentences were weird...

  3. They normally go on trips with me, so I'll hold you to that!