Friday, March 09, 2012

Another Friday Fluff

Link up with Seeking Elevation for some fun Friday Fluff! AnnaBella has graciously agreed to help me out with these. She's awesome.

Be a poison tester or suicide bomber?
Um, how about neither? Seriously, I don't know why I have to choose...

Fat and short or fat and tall?
I see a theme here. Neither!!! Fat and tall, though, because you can fix fat. You can't fix short.

Wet and cold or dry and hot?
If I'm hot, I'm certainly not dry. I sweat more than any one person should, so I'll say wet and cold.

Vampire or a cat?
WTF?? In what context??? If it's in my bed, then VAMPIRE. If it's a pet... gee, I'd take either.

Be george lopez or brad pitt
Damnit, wtf?? NEITHER! I guess if I was a man- Brad Pitt. Duh.

Eat sand or dirt?
Isn't sand dirt? How about a steak?

Be 30 or 1 - 16!
Ok, I guess I'd go with 1 because then I'd get to relive all the years of my life.

Pro skater boarder or singer?
Singer, easy answer. Next!

Eat metal or bugs?
Who thought of these questions?? Bugs. At least they're digestable!

Be a monkey or wolf man
Umm, I'd say wolf girl. Like Leah.

Work at google or bing?
 Who cares? It would totally depend on the job and the pay. If Google offers me a mailroom position at $8/hr and Bing offers me a CEO position for $120K a year, guess which one I'd choose...

Make a board game or video game?
Since I have no video game creation skills, I guess board game

Mini cooper or mustang
 If we're playing the "I just jumped off my unicorn and ran through a field of money trees" game, I'll say Mustang. Because if I can afford that, I can afford the gas for it.

Dead or alive
 Seriously? Who wrote this? Can I punch them? ...If I can be undead in the vampire persuasion, then dead. Geez...

Singer or actor
Both. Suck it.

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  1. sand IS dirt. Steak wins! #thisiswhyiloveyou