Monday, January 23, 2012

Wherein I give you a Dose of Happy

I'm linking up today with Band Back Together for a Dose of Happy Monday.

My DOH is short but sweet this week:

TAXES ARE DONE!! Woo to the hoo!!

Doing taxes is always a big thing for me. I don't know why. I always think I'm gonna fuck something up and the IRS is gonna busting through my door and take everything I own. EM has to be with me when I do them. We have one income. We don't own a house. We don't pay taxes on cars (because they are registered under EM's name and he's not 'technically' a resident of the state we live in). We don't qualify for any of the low income tax benefits. We didn't have child care expenses (this year). Our taxes are probably the simplest ones to be done. It still makes me anxious.

But! They are done. For another year!

What's your Dose of Happy?


  1. Congratulations! We haven't even gotten the husband's W-2 yet. Sheesh! My DOH is reading everyone's blogs today that have made me laugh and/or cheer for them. Woohoo!

  2. Woo to the hooooo!

    I never do my taxes. I mean, I don't make any money right now so it doesn't even matter that way for me, but I didn't do them when I was making money. It gives me hives!  You see, it used to be I did my taxes, I mean I had one or two jobs, the blanks were all laid out for me, what the hell, right?!  But every time, every single time, I got it wrong. And not a little wrong but an I think I owe and then I got a grand back, and an I think I'm getting a big return and then ... less than nothing.  Not much less than nothing but it got me worrying.

    If my husband wasn't doing my taxes, I would totally have them done for me. Because it is safer. I mean, I think I could actually blow shit up, doing those taxes. So better safe than sorry?

    And again, wooo to the hooo to youuuu.

  3. I had this happy moment last week. It is SO nice to have them over and done with (and early, too!)