Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wherein I tell you about teevee

Unlike your Aunt Becky, I don't have TV husbands. I'd rather have an affair and leave when I'm done. I do love my TV though. The invention of the DVR was the best thing to ever happen to me, since I can't remember what show comes on when. And they change it all the damn time, so I get confused.

I have so many shows on my DVR, it's not funny. I record shows like there's no tomorrow. At one point, we were recording ALLLLL the episodes on Law&Order and SVU that came on. In case you didn't know, there's a marathon of SVU on every Tuesday and Sunday. And TNT shows regular L&O every day. We'd frequently have 20-30 episodes on the DVR at any given time. We stopped doing that, mostly because we'd seen them all. Yep. All 20 years of L&O and all 13 years of SVU. I still record the new ones that come on, but no longer watch old episodes.

I love TV. It's always on. When I'm home, the TV is on. I know, it rots the brain, makes you have the dumb, whatever. It soothes me. It puts me to sleep at night (which drives EM nuts), and is there when I wake up. I usually have on a movie; mostly because daytime TV sucks. I currently have about 15 movies recorded specifically to make me go to sleep at night. The American President, Chicago, How to Train Your Dragon, Easy A are just a few of my old standbys. If I try to watch something I haven't seen, it'll keep me up. I need to watch something I've seen w23093409fdslw3r9dsf times before. That way I don't have to pay attention to it, but it helps focus my mind on something other than my To Do list. My brain doesn't like to shut up and let me sleep. So, I take my meds, put on an old movie and sleep.

My mother is the same way; only for her the movies only come in black and white. So, at least I come by it honestly!


  1. I used to fall asleep to old XFiles.

  2. I knew I loved you. We have the exact same take on TV. Chelle always tries to turn it off at night because Im 'sleeping'. No Im not. Im listening to it. I dont know exactly what I did before DVR. How did I survive Sundays when there are roughly 7268419 things I need to be watching between 8-11 ? And I LOV'E the Sunday SVU marathon. THEY HAVE THEMES PEOPLE!!!! Last week ? Battle of the ADA's ? Genius. And one slipped through I hadn't seen !! And how do they 'rip from the headlines' so damn fast ?

  3. My BFF was in an episode of XFiles. The doppleganger one with Kathy Griffin, if you're interested.

  4. Yeah, I've yet to catch one I haven't seen.