Monday, January 30, 2012

Wherein I get mah Happy On

This week's Dose of Happy link up with Band Back Together wasn't hard to come up with.

Dudes-We got orders. This is the best thing ever. After my ranting about rotating shift work last week, there is an end in sight! EM will be leaving shore duty and returning to an actual boat on June 1st! (Well, we'll detach from this base, have 30 days of moving leave, then he'll report on July 1st.)

BUT! That's not even the best part!  We're going to the same boat as my bestest friend and wifey!!  AnnaBella and Annifer will be together again!! EM and ET are NOT going to be happy about all the shenanigans that will ensue, but EM picked this boat specifically because of ET. So there. It's his fault.

We'll be moving back to Connecticut and I'm really kinda excited about it. As much as I don't like cold weather, I think I was happiest when I lived there. I had a great job, great friends, the schools were great, and I felt more connected with other wives.  My mental health was, I think, at it's peak. Even with the shortened days and less sunlight, I enjoyed being there. Two hours from Boston or New York, 45 minutes from Providence and Hartford. Lots of things to do and see. Maybe my parents' Yankee blood runs deeper in my veins than I thought.

So, let the countdown begin :) 


  1. Woot!  I'll betcha your guy wanted to be in the same boat (can I say that?!) with his guy so that you would have a good landing pad and a friend you can count on, no matter how jealous he feels. The good guys are like that. Tell him  I say so. So happy for you, almost as happy as if you came to the Pacific Northwest, but that's just me being selfish!

  2. You keep saying that both of our husbands will be annoyed. Just yours. :) And it will be so nice to have one and/or both of my spouses here. It's called spouse heaven, methinks.