Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fluff

It's Friday Fluff time again! Go to Seeking Elevation and grab a quiz and let the snark and sarcasm fly!

Do you think people are good?
At what? Being people? Some people are great at being people. Others? Not so much.

Do you like meeting people?
Depends on the situation. Random people on the street are kinda creepy. I do like meeting new friends, though!

Do you shake hands?
Yes. I'm not rich enough to not shake hands. When I get that first million-never again!!

Is a good handshake important?
Um. Yes? I'm not really a big business person, so I think the offer is important. EM will tell you it's rude not to shake hands.

Do you get along with the oposite sex?
Mostly, yes. One of my best friends in high school was a guy. People thought he was my baby daddy, but he just supported me and carried all my books, since we weren't allowed to carry bookbags. 

Do you like being around small children?
My own? Yes. Other peoples', not so much. Unless I know them well enough to tell them to STFU when they get annoying. I will take your baby from you. I give them back when they cry or leak, so don't worry.

Do you like yourself?
Ugh. This week? No. Not really. Most of the time, I like myself pretty well. 

Do you have a best friend?
Yes. She is the Ann to my ifer. She's the cheese to my nachos. I really don't know what I would do without her.

Do you think your a good friend?
I'm ignoring the mistake and just answering the question.
I try to be a good friend. I'm there when you need me. I'm great in a crisis. However, if you don't respond to my calls/texts/emails, I'm not gonna keep trying. Friendship is a two-way street.

Do you listen to gossip?
Yeah, it's kinda hard not to. 

Do you think midgets are funny?
As opposed to what? If someone is funny, they are funny, no matter the size.

Do you feel sorry for fat people?
I feel bad that society judges them so harshly. 

Is it funny when someone falls?
I will ALWAYS be laughing as I pick you up and ask if you're okay.  But most of the time I'm drunk when someone falls. 

Do you like animals?
Yes. If I could, I would adopt every animal I see. 

Do you help people alot?
Help with what? I try to be courteous to strangers. I will help my friends with whatever they ask of me. 

Do you do random nice things for people?
Sometimes. I filled out this survey for you and made you giggle. You're welcome.

Hopefully, after this weekend I'll be back to my usual snark and can write about something happy. And here's my random photo!

source: LittleFriends Photos


  1. That random photo makes me all kinds of happy...and a little scared! 

  2. That doggie is freaky and also rather rad. I read this last week but am only managing a comment or two today. On the upside, things are calming down after two insane weeks that I could hardly manage.

    "Ugh. This week? No. Not really. Most of the time, I like myself pretty well." Ain't those weeks the dog's lunch? I don't know why those weeks even have to exist. Hang in there. Eventually a moment will come that will erase much of the bullshit that you were feeling this week. xox

  3.  The picture is my favorite part-it's this guy who takes pics of dogs jumping underwater. SO funny!

  4.  There are so many more on his FB page. They're hilarious!