Monday, February 27, 2012

Wherein I tell you about my dreams

I'm linking up with Band Back Together today for their Monday Dose of Happy. A dream was my DOH today. (Or last night, but whatevs. It made me happy).

I have weird dreams. I very rarely remember them, but lately, I've been having.some doozies.
Last night, for example. I didn't fall asleep until almost 1am. I stayed up watching the Bloggies and the Oscars. And I forgot to take my medicine, so you know. Whatevs.

Anyway-dream. I was dating Jonah Hill. He was taking me on a date and surprised me by having a bunch friends over to a restaurant (that was really someone's house). The only person I remember being there is someone I don't like. And I kinda told her off. She's all "I'm the best mommy in the world! My daughter is perfect! Look what I got today! A new stripper pole!" (And that's in real life, not my dream). So, I might have bitched her out. And made her cry. (In my dream.)

Anyway, I had to go back to my house for some reason. And as I turned a corner, there's Jonah, escorting my BFF and my big, dopey dog. (BFF was wearing a beautiful black pink white ball gown). And I tackled her cause I was so excited to see her.  She went on to the restaurant, 'cause I still had to go back to my house for some shit.  So, Jonah took me back to my house. Maybe we were taking the dog back. I was holding his collar, and running in heels. Jonah and I were having a conversation about exercising and running. I told him to try running in heels. When we got back to my house, my other really good friend was there, Shortie. She was supposed to be coming to dinner, but she was helping ET and her husband get the kids ready for bed.

Next thing I know, it's daytime. ET is asking me for Bisquick (thanks, Ryan Seacrest) to cover up the smell of a dead body. (I know there is some real chemical that does this. I don't know the name of it, nor do I really care). For whatever reason, he had found a body in the downstairs apartment of my house. Then, everyone starts talking about all the little old ladies that have been found around the city. They've all been killed, tortured, bound. Really weird shit. They died trying to escape.  ET found this one body because she had written a note on the window in her own blood. Kinda gross. Maybe I've been watching too much SVU or something.

So, later in the day, I meet up with Jonah (or maybe this was before dinner. My dream timing is really weird. Scenes change all the time.) We decided to go to some dance/karate/exercise class. The public had discovered we were dating, so there were people everywhere trying to talk to me, talk to Jonah, get into this class, so they could see us together. It was really odd. There were no paparazzi, though. So, we go into this class and it's taught by Mr. B (who is The Boy's karate teacher). And to introduce people to the class, he throws a bucket of water on them. He throws one on Jonah and me, and Jonah is being all sweet about it. Trying to shield me from the brunt of the water. We're giggling, having a good time. Then we start arguing about a hair tie. I KNEW I had given him one to put in his pocket, and he'd lost it. I wanted to put my hair up, damnit. He was still really sweet, apologizing and asking girls around us if they had an extra one. I find one on the floor, put my hair up and then woke up. I was kinda sad to wake up. Even sitting here thinking about the dream, I get the little butterflies in my stomach, remembering the sweetness of new romance and the thrill of dating a movie star.

These are the kinds of dreams I have, people.


  1. Where did I go after the restaurant??? Was the gown pretty??

  2.  Yes, the gown was pretty. Pink and black, if I remember correctly. IDK where you went. Off with your man somewhere??