Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wherein this week might be all depressing

Everyone and their mother had off Monday for President's Day (sorry, Canada). We took the kids to the House of Mouse and let them run around. Another couple was there and we had a good time. The cloud seemed to have lifted for awhile. I came home and used that energy to do some research and stuffs for Band Back Together. I did some laundry. EM took our truck to get a tire fixed. The kids were in their post pizza/coin coma and were letting me do stuffs.

Then, things calmed down. I had finished what I wanted to finish for The Band for a bit. All my emails were answered. Not much going on on The Facebook or The Twitter.

And the cloud descended again. It always seems to be lingering there in the background and when I calm down and sit still, it crashes down on me like a wave. I see it in the distance, coming towards me. I can jump it or dive under it, but it's going to get me. And pull me under.


  1. I always find my feelings to be much less manageable when big change is looming. And of course, when I have the time to think about it ... ZOMG.


    Thanks for thinking of us and the fact that right now we totally don't want to celebrate Prime Minister's Day anyway, what with the dorkhead that someone elected.

    Lucky me, I celebrated President's Day by having some of my favourite real-life people over from Portland. If only they'd have smuggled Joules and her kid over too, it would have been my Best. President's. Day. Evah.

    I hope the clouds get less heavy.

    1. I'm with Karen: big change just compounds everything and makes me feel so out of control (and as a tried and true control freak, that's just plain ugly).

      Sending you buckets of love. I'm here if you need an ear, love.