Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wherein the apocolypse is coming

Source: Google Maps

That, my friends, is a picture of the fairgrounds near my house. Point A is one of the entrances and Point B is the turn in for my 'hood. Less than 0.5 miles. (Canadians, you're on your own.)
What's all the area in red? THAT is what is currently being taken over by trucks. Mercedes delivery trucks. They are slowly taking over. It's coming y'all. Be prepared.


  1. Seriously, If I still lived there I would have moved out by now. I am feeling anxious just THINKING about that madness. You have to keep me posted about the gathering and then hopefully the dispersing of the trucks. I bet you are glad EM has a small arsenal of guns, eh? 

  2. It is a little creepy, especially at night. They have the lights on and police monitoring the area. And I'm just guessing at what's there from the lights that are on. I will definitely keep you posted. 

  3. about a click. (km)

    Man, wonder WHAT those trucks are all about, eh? Oh, the paranoid kid in me could go places with that. Let me tell you. 0.0