Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wherein I ramble about the weather

Things are going well here in the Tookel household. Now that the sun is shining more, I feel happier. I always fights with the SADs and am so glad when I can open my windows and feel the fresh air blow through. Listen to the birds. Hope for the bird family to return to my porch (and not my dryer). Driving with the windows rolled down and music blasting. Ahhh, summer.

Yeah, I said summer. I live in coastal South Carolina. We have two seasons:summer and not summer (also known as fall). People here freak out if the temperature is gonna be below 50 degrees. Snow? Forget about it. If there's a forecast of possible snow, schools get delayed (sometimes cancelled), the city offices shut down, people buy bread, milk and cereal like it's the end of days. It's kinda crazy.

I do love this time of year. Everything is new again. Feels like nothing can go wrong. Then full summer hits and all you wanna do is hang on the air conditioner vents and never go outside. *Sigh* When we move to Connecticut, I'll miss it. But only because it's closer to 'home' for me.


  1. I hate the heat. Unfortunately, I seem to have brought it to Ohio with me when I jumped ship in Arizona. What I wouldn't give for some Winter. I'll take Spring, but I'm scared that Summer is going to be super early. 

  2. This is definitely the best time of the year. I have a feeling this summer is going to be AWFUL, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment of springtime as much as I can.